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13 April, 2024

Have you ever seen a top-quality Jianzhan? It should meet these conditions.

As an artistic teacup, Jianzhan is in line with popular aesthetics and is therefore very popular. After being exposed to Jianzhan, many people hope to have a deeper understanding of it. This beautiful object actually has basic and top-quality versions, and to learn how to appreciate Jianzhan and identify top-quality ones, you should consider the following points.

Firstly, there is the Tu Hao Jianzhan. For this type of Jianzhan, if the color is a deep blackish-green and the stripes are smooth and silky, then the basic requirements are met. However, to reach top-quality status, each stripe between the Tu Hao markings must be evenly spaced and arranged in an orderly manner, with a perfect glaze color. At the same time, the contrast between the glaze color and the markings should be unified, giving a sense of smooth beauty. Only then can it be considered top-quality.

Next is the You Di Jianzhan. The markings on this type of Jianzhan resemble drops of oil, so in terms of aesthetics, to meet top-quality standards, the oil drop markings must have clear borders, a blackish-green background, and not be blurry or unclear. Roundness and size are also essential conditions. The markings need to be smooth and evenly arranged, not too sparse or too dense, and not distributed in a disorderly manner, which can be annoying. In addition, the most important and difficult-to-achieve point is that the size of the markings must be in proportion to the size of the Jianzhan. The perfect size ratio between the markings and the cup will provide visual enjoyment.


 Then there is the Jin Si Diao Hu Lu Jianzhan, which combines the characteristics of the previous two types of Jianzhan. To reach top-quality status, it must meet the top-quality standards of the two previous types of Jianzhan. In other words, it must have smooth and silky Tu Hao markings, with large and round markings that are evenly distributed over the entire cup. The cup's background should be blackish-green, and the markings should complement each other, creating a strong sense of texture and layering.

 Finally, there is the Yi Hao Jianzhan, which is a collective term for all types of Jianzhan other than the previous three, named after their unique markings. For the markings resembling fly wings, they should not overlap and have clear and precise grid lines. They should also have the misty and transparent beauty of cicada wings, with the cup's background color appearing faintly. For the snake-skin markings, they should resemble scales, layered and arranged neatly. The markings on the Yao Bian Jianzhan should radiate out like a halo, with a magnificent atmosphere.

 All Jianzhan have top-quality standards, and when appreciating them, one can also use these standards to evaluate whether they meet the top-quality criteria